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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Penlee Lifeboat Disaster RIP

 Penlee Lifeboat Disaster RIP

RNLB Solomon Browne, Penlee - lost with all hands along with the souls upon Irish vessel MV Union Star 19 December 1981 - RIP "The greatest act of courage that I have ever seen, and am ever likely to see, was the penultimate courage and dedication shown by the Penlee [crew] when it manoeuvred back alongside the casualty in over 60 ft breakers and rescuing four people shortly after the Penlee had been bashed on top of the casualty's hatch covers. They were truly the bravest eight men I've ever seen who were also totally dedicated to upholding the highest standards of the RNLI." (Lt Cdr Smith USN, the pilot of the rescue helicopter)

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dennis Potter 1993 MacTaggart lecture Edinburgh

eloquent cutting concise amusing and amazing-- this is a superb speech at the International Television Festival, by a master of language and thought - as relevant today as it was then -- you will need to have a fine bottle open and have space, and be in 'receive mode' -- it is over an hour long, but not a word is wasted. His gloved clenched fist of fairness and bile whose fingers so often pointed fearlessly inwards as well as at others, is a fitting memory for fight and freedom of expression..enjoy