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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Local knowledge is vital

Coastguard changes ePetition

There is an on line petition. https://submissions.epetitions.direc...petitions/4403
This petition is still open (closing date is 07/08/2012) and needs 100,000 signatures to try to force a debate in Parliament.

Stop the closure of MCA Coastguard Stations

Responsible department: Department for Transport

The government has decided that a number of major UK coastguard stations should be closed arguing that fewer stations can cope with the workload. This fails to take account of the vital local knowledge of coastguard station staff who can direct emergency services directly and quickly to incidents where lives are at stake. More remote stations (often hundreds of miles away from the scene of an emergency) do not have this knowledge. In order to prevent unnecessary and avoidable loss of life the government must keep all coastguard stations operational.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Matthew's Switch

A simple customisable program that may allow parents, teachers and helpers to introduce and practice simple switch choices and evaluate whether a disabled child could eventually make use of one of the more advanced and expensive systems

Matthew is a 9 year old disabled lad with profound difficulties; he can't operate a mouse without help, and up till now, has not been able to successfully utilise the myriad of input devices available.

He currently uses an Italk 4 hardware switch at school and home, and his twin brother and I have designed a software version which we hope to run on a ipad for him to try.

We have just uploaded Desktop versions for Mac & Windows for you all to try; let us know what you think


below is a screenshot of the Edit mode where pics and sounds can be edited